Clinically proven phototherapy of allergic rhinitis

Rhinolight® provides a permanent or even final solution for your allergic symptoms with its unique medical technology.

Medical Background

The Rhinolight® intranasal phototherapy

Different phototherapies have been used successfully in dermatology (psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, etc.) for decades. Scientific facts prove that inflammatory processes are very similar in the nose and in the skin. Therefore the inventors had the idea to experiment the efficient light composition to be used in the nose which treats allergy by reducing allergic complaints such as runny nose, sneezing, the annoying nasal itching, unbearable blockage and the complications like sinusitis and nasal polyposis.

The effect

During the initial research drugs and phototherapy were combined. After that symptoms of patients had significantly improved, Rhinolight® was applied in itself. Rhinolight® has a beneficial effect on a number of immunological processes in the nose. This therapy is recommended for everyone not satisfied with the current medication or those looking for an alternative treatment. The intranasal Rhinolight® phototherapy is effective for any kind of allergic rhinitis regardless of the type of the triggering allergen.

The light

The Rhinolight® is a very high-intensity light with a special compostition. In Rhinolight® the emitted light includes a part of the visible light spectrum and a certain safe range of UV light. The Rhinolight® treatment can only be administered under medical control. It casues neither heat nor pain on the treated surface. Due to its composition, it has no tissue-damaging effect, thus it can be applied very safely for the long-term treatment of allergy patients. The Rhinolight® medical device and the relating therapeutic method are under a patent protection.

Rhinolight® Treatments

4-8 x 2 minutes

Before starting a treatment patients have to blow their nose properly and if necessary, they can use a vasoconstrictor spray to reduce the oedema of the nasal mucosa. Rhinolight® treatments have to be administered within two consecutive weeks. 4-8 treatments can be administered depending on the type and severity of allergic rhinitis. The treatment time is short, it lasts for only 2-3 minutes/nostril.


The Rhinolight® is a cold light with very high-intensity and special wavelength range. In Rhinolight® the emitted light includes a part of the visible light spectrum and a certain safe range of UV light in a special combination. It casues neither heat nor pain on the treated surface. Due to its composition, it has no tissue-damaging effect, thus it can be applied very safely for the long-term treatment of allergy patients.

Medical attendance

The Rhinolight® treatment can only be administered by medical professionel and under medical control. It is best to start the treatments directly before the appearence of the expected symptoms. In case of already existing allergy treatments should be given as early as possible. It can occur that after the first 1-2 treatments the situation may not improve, yet the treatments should be continued until the end. It is clinically proven that the severeness of allergic symptoms are in each case relieved by Rhinolight®, however, with the increase of pollen levels the rate of worsening may be higher than the improvement caused by Rhinolight®. The overall picture will be better anyway.

The equipment

The device is approximately the size of a professional music amplifier. A touchscreen panel can be found on its cover panel, which allows you to control and set treatments and related options. An optional number of codes can be generated in the instrument, therefore one device is capable of recording separate treatment data of several doctors. The special gel-filled light cable connects to the front panel of the device via a quick-action socket. The light cable is used to direct the light into the nasal cavity.

Rhinolight® FAQ

Usually 2-3 treatments a week during two weeks are enough. In case of allergies prevailing during the whole year, (e.g. house dust mite allergy), 8 treatments are recommended during 6 weeks.

Due to its novelty nature, the method has not yet been reimbursed by the social security, so treatment fees may vary in different countries. For more information, please turn to our partner or distributor in the given area.

Patients receiving the treatment for several years have a decreasing level of symptoms and some of them have completely recovered.

It has been known for a long time in dermatology that light can influence the immune system. The Rhinolight treatment decreases the level of immune response in the nose due to the presence of the allergen.

No, it is not. It takes a short time without any inconvenience.

It may change in patient by patient, however, there are ones whose symptoms improve already after the first treatment. In rare cases symptoms intensify after the first treatments, yet it is only transitional. Almost every patient reports progress within two weeks.

Occasionally, dryness of the nasal mucosa might occur, which can easily be prevented or cured using Vitamin A oil in a nasal drop or spray.

Yes, it is recommended because most medicines are either not recommended or can only be applied to a limited extent during pregnancy for the treatment of breastfeeding mothers.

Yes. It is particularly recommended for athletes for whom the use of steroids on the doping list are prohibited.

Yes, however, in most allergy patients medicines only give a partial result, therefore Rhinolight can be given to them as a complementary treatment.

Yes, Rhinolight is a treatment of the nasal mucosa of patients suffering from allergic rhinitis regardless of what the allergen inducing the symptom is.

No, it isn't. The brilliance of Rhinolight is multiple as compared to other lamps sold in medical shops for home use. Only medical specialists can use Rhinolight and the spectrum of Rhinolight is different from these lights. At present, no other phototherapy has been unequivocally proven to be as efficient in the treatment of allergic rhinitis as Rhinolight. Rhinolight is a high intensity composite light, which has never before been used for the treatment of nasal mucosa and at all allergic rhinitis.

Company Founders

György Dékány, Ph.D.

Managing Director

Began his career at Rhinolight as a sales manager in 2006, then promoted to become managing director in 2011. As a result of his over 11 years of work, the Turkish and Japanese markets were opened and registration in Australia was successfully achieved. Since 2015 mostly he has worked on the product introduction in some bigger Western European countries. Already a Ph.D. in pharmacy and he earned a degree in healthcare economics too. Dr. Dékány possesses a wide range of experience in professional marketing.

Mr. Ferenc Ignácz

Physicist, Technical Director

Member of the group inventing the Rhinolight therapy and device, a professional with a leading role in the technical development. Having worked for the company as a technical director since 2002, he is responsible for good manufacturing practice of Rhinolight devices and quality assurance. He currently works as a physicist university lecturer at the Department of Optics and Quantum Electronics at the University of Szeged.

Ferenc Jójárt M.D.

Managing Partner

Founding member of Rhinolight Ltd., its first investor and managing director back in 2004. He originated the creation of the Hungarian Rhinolight franchise system. In 2012, he rejoined the Rhinolight group as a strategic advisor managing partner. A successful healthcare and biotech investor, and majority owner of, among others, Goodwill Pharma Ltd. In addition to his general practitioner degree, he is a qualified otorhinolaryngologist.

Rhinolight South Africa® Contact Details

Dr Haffejie, has been practicing medicine since 1997, after graduating from Wits medical School in Johannesburg.

Dr Haffejie is a metabolic and anti-ageing medicine specialist and is only one of 2 South African doctors Board certified in Anti-ageing and regenerative medicine by the American academy of anti ageing medicine.

He has been trained in Prolozone by the world renowned oxidative and orthomolecular medicine specialist Dr Frank Schallenberger of Nevada USA. Dr Haffejie is also certified in Functional medicine.

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